Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


The following document details the terms of service and privacy policy associated with the use of website and associated mobile application, henceforth known as thelottoshare.

Throughout the document you will find any and all information related to the collection, use, and divulgation of voluntarily submitted user data and the conditions under which we provide this service.

Upon using thelottoshare and associated services you have confirmed that you have read, understood, and agreed with all of the terms, conditions, and policies expressed within this document.


Thelottoshare respects the right to privacy of all its users, that is why we commit to protect all personal and sensitive user data and provide transparency in the use of this data as is mandated by sections 22575-22579 of the Business and Professions Code in the Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 of the State of California.


Due to the nature of our service it is necessary to collect user information in order to carry out the functions of the program related to that user. This information can be collected automatically when utilizing our services or it may be submitted voluntarily by the user depending on the context of the situation.

1. Information collected automatically

Thelottoshare has access to non-identifiable user information that is available as accessible information according to the user’s computer equipment and browser configurations. This information may include, but is not limited to, the TCP/IP address of the user’s device, the MAC signature of the user’s device, your browser’s web history, or the technical specifications of the user’s device.

2. Voluntarily submitted user information

In order to provide our service it may at times be necessary to submit certain user information such as full name, birthdate, email address, phone number, and preferred payment methods, among other things. This information is voluntarily submitted by the user during membership registration, or while utilizing our services. Additionally, thelottoshare will consider any information submitted by a third party with the approval of the user, such as social network or third party service information, as voluntarily submitted user information.

3. Divulgation of user information to third party associates

Due to the nature of our service it may be required at times for thelottoshare to share certain sensitive user information, as described in sections III.1-2 of this document, with our third party associates. This information will never be shared without the explicit authorization of the user according to the user’s profile settings configuration. Thelottoshare will never share this information with any third party organization that is not one of our third party associates.

Additionally, thelottoshare commits to never sell to, or exchange the private information of its users with, any third party organization that will not use the user information for the explicit purpose of providing one of our services, or is not otherwise associated with thelottoshare.

4. Storage and Protection of collected information

Thelottoshare cares about the safety and security of its users, to this end all information collected from the user is first encoded and then encrypted using our very own secure algorithm before being transmitted to our database. The information will then remain encoded and encrypted at all times, even while it is in use by our services. This means that your information may only ever be accessed through our services, and cannot be directly observed or read by anyone who is not authorized to work with this information.


1. End User Software License Agreement

The software for thelottoshare, both its website and the related mobile application com.justanotherapp.thelottoshare, is provided for general use by the public completely free of charge. This software is presented ‘as is’, without any warranties or claims to the performance of the software. Thelottoshare limits its liability to damages incurred to the user or the user’s computer equipment as a result of the software to no more than the total amount paid for the software, that is to say, zero dollars and zero cents($0.00USD).

In exchange for a transitory and impermanent license to utilize this software the user agrees to never sell, exchange, or pay for this software under any circumstance. Additionally, the user refuses and waives any rights to the distribution or security backup reserve of this software.

This license is subject to the terms, conditions, and policies, expressed within this document. Thelottoshare reserves the right to refuse or revoke a user license for any reason without explanation or warning.

2. Newsletters and Communication

Thelottoshare reserves the right to utilize user information, as described in section III.2, with the purpose of generating personalized newsletters and communication material for the user such as service offers, rewards, membership information, or changes to our services. Thelottoshare may contact you through email according the user’s profile settings configuration.

3. Termination of Membership

The user may at any point in time, and for whatever reason, end the relationship between thelottoshare and user. Upon termination of the relationship the user automatically and immediately loses their End User Software License, as detailed in section IV.1 of this document, and stops accepting responsibility over the conditions, terms, and policies expressed within this document so long as the user has never broken any of the conditions, terms, and policies expressed within this document from the moment that the user registered as a member until the moment that the user’s membership is terminated. The user may terminate their membership by accessing their profile settings.